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how to start a revolution

February 4, 2012

Documentary on Gene Sharp’s philosophies and their role in informing revolutions and uprisings through Eastern Europe, Asia the Middle East, the Arab Spring and across the pond to influence the thinking behind OWS.



#OWS .. Mrs. Auctioneer .. All the people here …

October 25, 2011

#ows and #occupyoakland

October 25, 2011

Oakland’s encampment went up two weeks ago, when hundreds of people took to the streets outside Oakland’s City Hall in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement – and they haven’t left. Over the past two weeks, Frank Ogawa Plaza has become a veritable tent city, complete with a free kitchen that serves food daily, a medical center, a kids’ zone, and wooden pathways built between the tents.

Oakland city officials had been relatively tolerant of the occupation until last Thursday, when they issued a notice to vacate, citing health and safety concerns. So far, the police have not made a move to enforce the ban on overnight camping. from A Day In the Life of Occupy Oakland

While @ #OWS today’s Daily News reports

“Faced with a threat by Occupy Wall Street lawyers to clog up the courts by demanding trials for arrested protesters, prosecutors Monday offered to dismiss about half of the 750 disorderly conduct charges.”

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noosephere & egg time

September 9, 2011

Explore GCP! Drop through the wormhole. Quantify quantum event sequences. Experience the Ultime “OM.”

Is there a global consciousness and if so, what is its nature? The Global Consciousness Project’s quest is to scientifically validate the concept of interconnected consciousness through a network of Random Event Generators. The REGs detect and measure the collective responses to major global events.