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Islam in Second Life

September 4, 2011

Trying on different cultures in virtual worlds

With avatars as shields, virtual worlds provide opportunities for ‘safe’ cross cultural, cross gender and cross economic immersions.

Joshua Fouts, Executive Director of Science House Foundation, and Rita King, CEO of Dancing Ink Productions, spent a year in Second Life, visiting virtual mosques and temples, participating in a virtual Hajj and immersing themselves in discussions on the Islamic culture. Their experiences are detailed in the three-part study Understanding Islam through Virtual Worlds, which was funded by the Carnegie Council as part of the Digital Diplomacy project.


Social Divide … is a ‘corporate spring’ next?

September 3, 2011

Social Enterprise at Dreamforce 2011, the largest cloud computing event of the year. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff warns CEOs in attendance:

“We need to pay attention to that at this conference too…. It’s not so long from now that we’ll start to hear about a ‘corporate spring,’ an ‘enterprise spring.’ We’ve seen Mubarak fall, we’ve seen Kadafi fall. When will we see the first corporate CEO fall for the same reason because his or her customers are rising up or not listening to their employees, not paying attention?”… That is what this sign is, It is more important to listen then ever before… that is the social revolution.”

Experts in the Social Media Jungle

August 29, 2011

photo Social Media Examiner wins CORE points for its expert advice on navigating through and taming the wilderness of the ‘social media jungle.’ From applying game theory to build a loyal online community to research on the science behind successfully sharing content, the Examiner covers all the bases! Follow this leader @smexaminer

Empowering Communities, Growing Leaders

August 28, 2011

Got ‘the right stuff’ to become a community leader? Bay Localize leads in-depth community workshops for individuals in the skill sets required to build neighborhoods capable of thriving despite the volatile economy, the energy crisis and climate change. Participants include youth leaders, local government commissioners, community organizers, and green job trainees.

Download  a free adaptive toolkit, designed to assist communities in evaluating their strengths and weaknesses. The toolkit provides information on food, water, energy, transportation and housing, jobs and economy and civic preparedness and social services.

Protected: Community Covenants: Learning from Ancient East Africa

August 27, 2011

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