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today @ you autocorrects

February 5, 2012

Since light travels faster than sound

One feature that has been around for a while is Auto Correct. It’s a predictive text feature that tries to figure out what you’re trying to type without you having typed it yet. In its attempt to make everyone’s lives easier and more convenient, Auto Correct can in fact do the exact opposite and create funny texts! It can change words without you even realizing and before you know it, you’ve already sent the message!


what’s up with pinterest?

February 5, 2012

What is it that have web savvy women ‘pimpin’ the online pinboard Pinterest? Think contextualized bookmarking, collective creative brainstorming, and a highly visual tool to boost traffic and promote business interests.

Why Should You Use Pinterest?

the ‘nest’ — the iPod of thermostats

October 25, 2011

The Nest will pay for itself in a year or two and save 30% off your energy bill… Wired reports on Tony Fadell’s sexy new gadget:

A simple loop of brushed stainless steel encases a chassis of reflective polymer, which encircles a crisp color digital display. Artificial intelligence figures out when to turn down the heat and when to jack up the air conditioning, so that you don’t waste money and perturb the ozone when no one is home, or when you’re asleep upstairs. You can communicate with the Nest from your smartphone, tablet or web browser.

noosephere & egg time

September 9, 2011

Explore GCP! Drop through the wormhole. Quantify quantum event sequences. Experience the Ultime “OM.”

Is there a global consciousness and if so, what is its nature? The Global Consciousness Project’s quest is to scientifically validate the concept of interconnected consciousness through a network of Random Event Generators. The REGs detect and measure the collective responses to major global events.


September 9, 2011

Dad uses Google Chrome to capture story of daughter’s life

Crowdsourcing E.coli

September 4, 2011

In an “unprecedented global crowd-sourcing effort” researchers determined that last May’s outbreak of ten variants of the E.coli strain in 16 countries across Europe and North America shared significant features with a outbreak in Central Africa a few years back.

“We have found that the E. coli strain responsible for the outbreak carries a very high number of genes known to be involved in disease,” said Dr Lisa Crossman, Microbial Genome Project Leader at The Genome Analysis Center (TGAC). “These include genes that influence the bacterium’s ability to attach to surfaces and survival genes that increase tolerance to high acidity, low oxygen, UV light and antibiotics.”

Crowdsourcing the research enabled doctors to quickly distinguish the recent strain from others. “Knowing which antibiotic resistance genes are carried by the strain, for example, can provide us with more insight into the source of the outbreak and help us avoid similar outbreaks occurring in the future,” Crossman said. Crowd-sourcing the E. coli O104:H4 outbreak